My Week-long Birthday - Day 3

Day 3 was spent with my new found friends, Brenda, Janis, and Patty... Met them all through Multiply, they have been my YM friends since then... We managed to chat once a day, and see each other at least once a month, exchanging thoughts of what was happening about, ummm, everything... From celebrities, to signature bags, to hair care, to ingrown nails... I must say, that these are the people who I can talk to with much candor...


5:30 pm - meet at Zara, Rockwell
6:00 pm - dinner at Pepper Lunch
7:30 pm - watch SATC
10:00 pm - coffee at Starbucks
12:00 pm - adjourn

A month ago, while we were planning for this, we've talked about watching the movie... Then I noticed that perhaps, we all do resemble the SATC Girls' personalities, (definitely not the looks), Which were all agreed by them...

Janis - Charlotte (secretive, a true friend, loves shopping)
Jin - Samantha (sex guru or someone who is addicted to sex) "joke"
Patty - Miranda (girl in a corporate world, sensible and deep)
Brenda - Carrie (petite, enjoys men but chooses to be with her one and only)

I am giving you the authority to laugh at us this time.... Anyway, this is just for fun... And I enjoyed spending my birthday with my "pretend" SATC girlfriends...

If you're wondering, where Marnie is, why isn't she in the pic??? Well, first of all, SATC girls are only 4... So she can choose, whether, she will be Stanford (Carrie's gay friend played by Willie Garson), or just somewhere behind the camera to take our pictures... She chose the latter...

All of us at Pepper Lunch

One last pose before the movie starts

Movie ended around 10:00pm and we headed off to Starbucks with swollen eyes due to the uncontrollable eruption of our tear ducts...

After 2 hours of beautiful and exciting conversation, again, about everything,
the girls surprised me with a mini-cake to welcome my birthday...

Thank you so much Girls... It has been a lovely and touching
Birthday experience...

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