I'll be seeing you real soon, Ellen DeGeneres!

I am scheduled to take my vacation leave this coming October, and I'm bringing my DD Cassie, and my DH Paolo.  We are going to LV, be with my sister and her family...  This is going to be exciting...  Since it'll be September in a few days, my mind can't stop thinking of this much needed vacation.  Haven't visited the US in 5 years!  And when was the last time I was in LA?  U-oh, it has been 13 years already!!!  So much has changed I believe... 

Since this vacation is a little bit expensive for me, I decided to make it worthy by watching my favorite show on Earth, hosted by my favorite host in the world, 

I didn't think it was impossible...  I tried to focus on seeing myself in that studio...  But how???
At first, I had no idea how to get tickets for her show.  I went to her website, I added it to my favorites, and waited for the schedule of ticket availability.  Patiently, I visit her website everyday to monitor the dates.  At last, yesterday, my chosen date was highlighted.  That means, I can book tickets for her show on that particular day, and started typing all the info they need for my ticket requests.  It was clearly stated that filling up the forms online is not a guarantee that I'll be granted tickets.  I have to wait for their call for the confirmation and verification of the online application.  

I expected them to call at least a week later after the submission.  But to my surprise, they called me the next day and gave me the confirmation already!!!!  I almost fell off the chair when they asked if I was still interested!!!!  I almost yelled, of course!!!!!!!!!

The friendly staff gave me instructions and verified my mailing address for the tickets...  

This has been the best day of my life...  I wonder how I'd call the day when I'm on the show already???  
The "best" would be an understatement I guess...

Sorry for this long and shallow post...  I just had to blurt it out!!!!

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