Gustavus' at Night

I am so lucky to be a member of this particular group.  We see each other once a month, we call, text, pm, dm, each other almost everyday about the latest happenings in showbiz, society, the blogosphere, the metro, the country, the world, or just about everything.  

We call ourselves the Purse Ladies group. 

It is because through purses that we got to know each other.  It is our common denominator.  
The group was formed in 2008, and gladly, we are still intact, whole, 
and we still look forward to seeing each other monthly.

Yes, we all love purses and bags, plus other accessories, and we can talk about them for hours,
from the threads, to stitches, to leather, straps, buckles, down to zippers, 
everything about women's accessories.  
But we don't limit ourselves to "high-end" brands...  
We appreciate and use local brands too. 

Anyway, since it's our Anniversary month, 
we want to celebrate weekly 
and try out different restaurants...  
We started our first week at Gustavus'.

The part owner greeted us as we entered the restaurant,
and showed us our reserved table.  
I instantly liked the interior.  The colors are subtle, neutral, 
making the bar in the middle stand up for its colorful choices of beers served.


As I browse their menu,

I noticed that they serve oysters.  Since Oysters are not really easy to serve, 
(may be over or under baked, smelly, inedible ) 
I decided to try their Baked Gustavus Oysters Rockefeller.  
(Their Baked Oyster choices are Casino, Pepper, and Rockefeller)

I'm giving it a double thumbs up!  
These Oyster Rockefellers are remarkably good....  There's nothing quite like them!  
As soon as the oysters hit my palate, I knew then that those are freshest oysters I have ever tasted...  
And yes, we asked for another round.  
A plate of 10 costs around P400.00 ($9.00).

Here are the other entrees we had:

House Cut Potato Wedges
P150.00 ($3.00)

Grilled Romaine Caesar with Caesar Vinaigrette, Crispy Bacon and Pesto Crouton
P260.00 ($6.00)

 Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass with Roasted Veggie Lasagna 
in Tomato-Butter Sauce
P1,030.00 ($23.00)

This was the one I ordered.  Just the way I like.  It really turns me off when I see scales or fish bones in my meal, and of course, it should not smell.  What I enjoyed in this meal is the pasta.  I find the fish too light for a fancy dinner, but since it is served with vegetable lasagna, I really loved it.  I'm giving it a thumbs up too.

Ribeye Regular Cut
P1955.00 ($44.00)
Juicy.  Tender.  Tasty.  Filling.

 Mr. D's Ultimate Beef Burger
P525.00 ($12.00)

Grille Prawn and Scallop Tournedos
with Crab and Spinach Risotto and Chili Herb Butter Sauce
P650.00 ($15.00)

For our dessert, to our dismay, there were not too much selection.  
We love desserts!!!  
I wish they'd widen their dessert selection.  
They offered us Banana Split Ice Cream 
(with 3 scoops of all vanilla ice cream), 
and Tres Leches (Fried Banana with 3 kinds of cream)

Tres Leches

The restroom is quite disturbing too.  I am not a fan of "common" restrooms, wherein I see the -Pardon my language- Men's urinal beside me when I sit down.  Plus, the restroom was cluttered when I entered, probably because it was already late then, and I was almost the last one who used to lavatory...  But still!

Anyways, to top it off, I still think that the restaurant is worth trying.  The food is great, the ambiance is wonderful, the owners are friendly, and again, the food is great.  Will I be back???  
Definitely in less than 2 weeks.  
(I'm already dreaming about oysters)

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