We Built This City

 Watch this...

Loved the TV Ad.  It's true, we built this city.

It's quite nostalgic...  I feel like it was only yesterday when the biggest mall in Manila opened its doors. 

It was the SM City in 1985.

This was where my cousin Rachelle - during her modeling stints, saw her first solo print ad inside the mall, (but only to find out her lips were the only ones pictured in the poster), this was where I learned how to drive, enrolled myself to A1 driving institute.  There was Kirei boutique, so happy that they've put up a branch nearer to us, since the first and original was in Makati.

Then one by one, the mall became bigger and bigger, until almost the whole block from Pag-Asa to North 
Avenue became SM - hence the term, SM North Edsa.

Their tagline, "we've got it all for you" is exactly the way it should be.  From the cheapest line of baby's clothes to the latest high definition tv - you'll find.

This just goes to show how old I am...  But a part of me makes me real proud to tell my children how it was during my time...  Cheesy, but everytime we pass by the area, I tell them, 
"we built this city".

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