Lugang Cafe

I've been hearing great reviews about the newly opened Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant in Greenhills, Lugang Cafe.  It is located in Connecticut St., in a newly constructed building near UCC. 

Plush interior, modern furnishings, sleek lines, high tech equipment all in one.  I love the look of the Cafe.  The name may sound awful, but only in Filipino Language.  The restaurant is a legit franchise of Bellagio (Lu Gang Xiaozhen) in Beijing.

It is said that the franchisers could not use the name Bellagio here in the Philippines, that is why they used the 2nd name of the restaurant.  Lugang got its name from Lugang, Changhua Taiwan, which was the most popular city in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty...

Now, for the food...

The Xiao Long Bao is definitely better than Crystal Jade's ...  I didn't make a review about the latter because I arrived at the restaurant late, and the food were already cold when I got there.  I didn't think it was fair enough to do so....  But honestly, eventhough some food were still hot, all I remember was dryness...  Everything was dry.  From the Xiao Long Bao, to the Peking Duck, to the desserts...  I didn't see any reason to come back...

Anyway, back to Lugang...   We ordered 2 Xiao Long Bao, Braised Pork Knuckles, Boneless Hainanese Chicken, Roast Asado, Roast Layered Pork, Prawns in Oats, Creme Brulee with Red Bean and Fruits in Ice Cream for dessert.  I was really hoping we could order shaved ice desserts, but unfortunately, we were too full to have more, so we just picked the two most wanted desserts...

Xiao Long Bao P 158.00 - 6 pcs.

1/2 Hainan Boneless Chicken - P450.00 

Roast Asado - P300.00

Roasted Layer Pork - P350.00

 Creme Brulee with Red Bean 

 Ice Cream with Fruits

Every bite of each and every food I tasted is good...  I am looking forward to my next Lugang experience and I would definitely order my favorites:  Roast Asado, Creme Brulee, plus lots of Shaved Ice Desserts.  Our bill was around P4,220.00, we were 6, so around P700.00 per head.
Lugang Cafe
116 Connecticut St.,
Northeast Greenhills
7219100 / 5709011

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Hazel said...

yay! that place is near our home! would love to try it there! and ang sarap sa picture palang! and i agree with the name, sounds weird in pinoy language :))