Wear it Red this Holiday season!

A lipstick I think is the only makeup product that can always be found in a woman's bag.  I think that it is the most important kind of make up that can lift your spirits, make you look good even though you're not wearing any other make up...  For the holiday season, it is nice to look festive and happy... Wear it Red...

Red lips = timeless.  And we shall expect it to come back for spring/summer 2011 as one of the hottest trends.  But of course, we all know that wearing red lipstick shouldn't be overdone...  It should match with very, very light eye make up and blush, or if you can, no make up at all!  Probably at night, we could make the look more dramatic by adding a dark eyeliner and and 1 coat of mascara...

However, we should always choose the right shade of red based on our skin tone...  We should also avoid red lipstick if we have skin problems, for this shall only emphasize the "problem"... Here are some tips on how to wear it Red...

Rule No. 1: Choose the correct shade for your skintone

The paler the skin, the bigger the pop. 

Rule No. 2: Line inside of lips

Red lipstick tends to bleed, so fill in lips with lip liner first. 

Rule No. 3: Pick the right color

If your complexion is pink, you'll look better in plum shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base.

Rule No. 4: Skip the red nails



A clear polish, french tip, or light color adds subtlety...

Rule No. 5: Blending is in

Few makeup artists stick to one shade of any lipstick, they tend to blend a few to create the perfect colors. If you've bought a red lipstick shade that's too bright, dark or whatever, don't throw it away. Instead, experiment with other lipstick shades you have on hand to create the perfect shade of red.










Rule No. 6: Choose lighter shades if you are older

Our lips thin as we age and dark lips can accentuate them. To keep lips from looking too severe, try a rosy red or avoid red lips altogether and opt for a neutral shade, playing up your eyes instead.

Yes, I know, I read the word "age" again...  So I think I might have to stick with Rule # 6.  But who knows, you'd probably see me wearing Red lips especially this holiday season...


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