The Cuisiniere Brasserie

Yes, I eat a lot... But unfortunately, not so much near our area because
I believe, the only fine dining restaurant near our place is Zucchini's...
And my monthly allowance isn't sufficient enough to pay
for my resto bill, haha!

The other night, as we were strolling the streets of T. Morato and Timog, we came across this new restaurant...
At first I thought, I shouldn't check it out and why should I bother,
no one's inside anyway?
But it came to me that there's no other place like this in QC...
We have been roaming around and all we see are
resto bars, with no parking spaces...

So when I saw this, I called the rest of the group and led them at
The Cuisinier Brasserie.

The interior is modern, European, chic, and classy.
(I sometimes think it is not appropriate in the QC area since most of the people here look for bars.)

But what the heck, I just found out another place to crash whenever I feel like having Wagyu... Mind you, the food here are reasonably priced... I can still count how many dishes were on the 4-digit range on the menu, 2??? And I'm talking about Cochinillo and Paella levels.
Which costs a whole lot more in other restaurants...

Cheers!!! Mojitos and Beer Night!

Loved the Mojitos concoction!

For Appetizers we had the Antipasto Misto - a selection of cheese, Parma ham, olives and grapes, or seasonal fruit
P595.00 or $14.00

and this sumptuous Canard A'la Orange -
roast magret of duck valette, served with orange and Grand Marnier sauce, and promine croquettes - P760.00 or $18.00

and the last ordered appetizer, the Coquilles Saint-Jacques Mornay -
Baked half shell scallops, piped potato, and Gruyere cheese sauce...

The presentation was great... But sadly, it was a disappointment...
The scallop in the middle is tough and chewy, plus it lacks flavor.
I didn't taste the Gruyere on the sauce, all I can taste is the bland mashed potato on all sides of the scallop...
P220.00 or $5.12 for 3 pieces.
(I guess the price speaks for itself)

Then came the heavy ones...

Pasta in cream Pancetta with white truffle oil - as expected, it was creamy and rich. But it was good. I recommend this as a side dish to your fish, chicken, or beef. Share it with everyone! P380.00 or $9.00

and (sorry for the blurry pic)

Aglio Olio - P320.00 or $7.45
Another disappointment... It was bitter, I guess the garlic
was too cooked,

which made it a bad dish...
Hope they improve on this...
It's my favorite, for crying out loud!!!

Then we also tried their Pizzas...

Pepperoni - Tomato, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, and Parmesan
- P480 or $12.00 (good for 6)
The sauce is very Italian, and I loved the Arugula on top...
Should have requested for more Arugula leaves!

And another...

Pizza Bella, Parma ham, Arugula, and truffle oil - P520.00 or $12.00
A favorite!!! Next time I'd really ask for more Arugula stalks!!!!!!

Next came the Buffalo Wings

it was good, an original Buffalo recipe I believe...
Around P320.00 or $7.00

and finally, Oysters!!!

Unfortunately, I missed this... Too full to try this out, plus, it was served in front of me and I thought it didn't smell good... Didn't dare try it...
But they said it was "just ok"... Costs around P300 or $7.00

Oh and yes, the dessert!!! This is to die for:

Gosh, the vanilla bean and caramel worked well together, and as you take each bite, small slices of crisp almond plays with your tongue and palate... A mixture of sweetness, creaminess, and crispiness... This is heavenly!!! P260.00 or $6.00

The Tiramisu was ok... It's just not my favorite... P190.00 or $5.00

Pair these desserts with their Illy coffee... This is really good...

I felt very satisfied when we left the place... I was happy that I don't have to go too far to eat at a very comfortable place, with a European taste, at a reasonable price... Next time I'll order the steaks...
Yes of course, I'm coming back!!!

Over all, I am rating this restaurant, 4 out of 5 Toques !!!

Happy Eating!!!

The Cuisinier Brasserie
102 Timog, Quezon City
Tel. Nos: 586-8798

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