Sweat It Out!

I'm so excited to tell you about Bodivance. I didn't know about it until it accidentally appeared on my Google search as I was searching for, ehem, Zerona (another topic next week)...

I read it's literature and found it very safe and affordable. Plus, it's something I thought I might need since I am already enjoying my exercise routine, why not optimize my workout?

BODIVANCE (Made in the US) is a breakthrough in sports technology. It is an advanced thermogenic (i.e., body heat producer) accelerator cream that when applied, creates a breathable barrier on the skin that works in two ways.

Firstly, it helps to insulate heat that builds up as muscles are activated. This warms up the muscles rapidly and ensures that workouts are maximized each time. A natural effect of this is the increase in perspiration which hastens the release of toxins through the pores of one’s body.

I bought 1 80ml bottle at Planet Sports in Shangri-la Mall, for P800.00. I just started using it yesterday, I noticed that it has fragrance. As a workout cream, it is said that I shouldn't rub it on skin, but rather apply thin portions to desired areas. I did as instructed, and loved that I sweat more buckets during a 30 minute work out...

Bodivance can also be used as a massage cream, and also in steam or sauna if you don't exercise.

After 1 week of my Low-Carb Diet:

Now I'm excited to use it again...

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