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Hittin' the gym isn't my style. I hate dressing up over and over again, changing from work clothes to gym clothing to going home clothes to sleeping clothes, and the thought of driving from office to the gym, then home, just makes me feel depressed... I don't know why... Probably because when I was younger, I've had "not so nice" experience with gym colleagues, nutritionists, trainers, etc. And also, I once read that if you can't see yourself enrolling to a fitness gym, then don't force yourself, otherwise you'll never reach your goal...
Why prolong the agony when you don't enjoy what you're doing... True, isn't it???

Anyways, my cousin P, who was overweight during her younger years, is an inspiration... She tried losing weight by doing home aerobics via betamax watching Jane Fonda... In one year of religiously exercising, she lost almost half of her total body size... And what inspires me is that, even now that she has a body of a model and a posture of a ballerina, she still commits herself to exercise every single day...

She keeps on telling me to pursue my goal in this lifestyle changing quest... She advises me on which exercise dvds I need to buy... Because when you talk of exercise dvd, name it, she has it!!!

Last week she sent me 3 DVDs. I want to try them one at a time... This way, it helps me not to get sick and tired of the same old dull routine... I can switch to different types of exercises every day...

Currently, this is my favorite: It's actually on sale at!!!

It energizes and motivates me, and makes me sweat in buckets!!!

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SunnyToast said...

I agree with you..Don't force yourself if your not happy on what your doing. I used to be fat as in super fat tlga...then one day I decided to make a change...I stop eating rice for almost 2 years then a year in gym and I can eat whatever I want and looking back on those days..I realize that If we really want something or a change the decision must come with you:)with all our gusto!

So goodluck and I'm excited for you:)