Cerealicious! Cereal Lovers' Haven!

I was invited at the opening of "Cerealicious". But uh-oh, problem!!! I don't drink milk!!! I never liked the taste of milk, so when I got the invitation, I was kinda hesitant 'coz, I can't even stand the smell of milk, seeing white, milky liquid on my food irritates me...

The place is in Sherwood Place, right in front of De La Salle University, along Taft Avenue. The atmosphere is cozy, spacious, colorful, inviting, fr
iendly. Parking is no problem.

Their Menu is sooo cute... Got the names of the cereals from blockbuster movies...

Names like: Jelly Maguire, Jumango, Mona Kissa Smile, Banana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Froot Loose, The Gummie Returns, Nerd of The Rings, Apple-O-13, The Ma-Trix, Harry Butter, Charlie and The Chocnut Factory, and many, many more!!!

I asked my cousin (LSS,part-owner), what he could suggest to non-milk drinkers like me, my sister, and my brother... So he suggested these three:

1. Oreo and Juliet - Corn flakes, Oreo, Wafer Sticks, Chocolate Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream (upper left)

2. Nutting Hill - Koko Krunch, Choco Kisses, Nuts, Marshmallows, Vanilla Ice Cream (Top)

3. Cashewblanca - Cocoa Frosties, Brownies, Cashews, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Syrup (bottom)

I had the Nutting Hill... My gosh, it was huge!!! and Overflowing!!! At Php 80.00?

I carefully examined my Nutting Hill, realized that it would be embarassing if I don't eat, so I tasted it... It was surprising 'coz I never tasted the milk... The chocolate syrup blended well with the "homemade-osterized" milk they are using, and my cereal tasted like chocolate shake filled with Koko Krunch, Nuts, and Kisses... It was heavenly!!!! All of us enjoyed our treats for the night...

I'd like to thank my cousin (Lester) for introducing me to the world of cereals... I know it's one way of eating healthy... For years, I've been trying to eat food as such, but it had always been a frustration... Since I always did the preparation myself, I always end up eating fried cholesterol instead!!! Muwahahahaha!!!


Frapp said...

Ooh they look delicious! We never have cereal openings or anything fun like that over here. I'm just not a fan of pouring milk over cereal, I want to taste the crunchyness of Crunchy Nut! Not the soggyness! I'd much rather have a milkshake, thank you.

BSM said...

Great concept! we don't have any places like cerealicious here in las vegas, and i'm not a big fan of milk too.