I Want One Of Those!

As i was browsing the net this morning, I ran across popgadget. I love gadgets, toys, techy and unique stuff, so I clicked on one of its referring sites,

These are the things that caught my eye... And I really want one of those!!!

There is little doubt in our minds that the 'Foot In The Door' is the quirkiest and most stylish door wedge in the known (and were it possible, the unknown) universe. In a fight against the ghastly Health & Safety nutters who are vainly trying to make our lives safer with sprung doors, this sexy stiletto will neatly jam your door open in an achingly cool way, letting in light, air and life. Trying to make life safe is rather defeating the point isn't it? Life's inherently dangerous, that's what makes it so special. We're in danger of drifting from the point here. Designed by those unhinged gurus at 'Fred' in the U.S., this elegantly streamlined soft rubber stiletto is undeniably saucy, comes in either Sexy Black or Hot Red, and adds a touch of couture to your door.

This neat little IQ Test is a quick instant gratification (or disappointment!) IQ Challenge that's surprisingly accurate. We tested the results against a full-on 'official' IQ test that you send off to experts, and were pleased to see that the results differed by only a couple of points. Considering that IQ tests typically vary by anything up to 6 points either way, we were truly impressed.

Coming in a compact little box, it takes just 45 minutes to complete, and comes with full instructions, and an answer and score card, so you don't have to wait long to find out how bright you really are. A score of 130+ will put you in the top 2% of the country's population - so that's something to aim for!

Here's a way to pace the eating of your Halloween candy (because we all have it whether we admit it or not). The mini-Candy Grabber is a home version of the arcade game found in amusement parks and supermarkets. However, instead of toys, this version is filled with candy. Place a fake coin into the machine, and you have 75 seconds to pick up a piece of candy and drop it into the shoot. The controls are, in fact, fairly complex, as it comes with three joysticks to maneuver the claw. Your edible prize will certainly taste better after working for it. The mini-Candy Grabber is one of those rare toys that has both kid and adult appeal.

All items above are available at I Want One Of Those website.


Wendy said...

haha omg! that door wedge is sooo cool.. its so funky! i love it!

Julz said...

Those are all so cool! I am definately looking them up...You have the coolest things here!

Haute Girl said...

ahh, cute! love that door wedge.

bsm said...

im pretty sure mom likes the snack machine :)