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Time flies so fast... It's already summer here in Manila and I know some of you guys all have plans of going to the beautiful beaches all over the Philippines... wheooowww.... good for you guys... you know I can't... I already convinced myself to stay home during Holy Week and watch tons and tons of dvds... How exciting eh??? Well, I don't have a choice, travelling by plane or by land or by sea is too risky for me at this stage...

Anyways, my hubby's birthday is coming up... I'm thinking of giving him a Men's Bag... You see, he's got tons of gadgets and other stuff attached (i.e., 2 cellphones, ipod, camera, wallet, business card holder, checkbook, etc.) to him everywhere he goes and he keeps on putting inside his pockets. The thing is, I hate that! Whenever he puts his cellphone in his front pockets, it ruins the whole outfit! And the worse thing is, he doesn't get it... He doesn't care how ugly it looks on him, he just wants all his gadgets inside his pockets. So to solve my dilemma, I'm thinking of giving him a gadget bag... Here are a few of my choices...

1. The Briefcase

Though I find this one too formal, I can envision him donning one coz' he goes to several meetings in a day. And he usually is in business attire, so this one's got to be a finalist.

2. The Messenger Bag

I like it. It is worn swung over the shoulder making him handsfree, and it has this schoolboyish, urban effect. Though its a bit big for his gadgets, but can also be a finalist.

3. The Camera Bag

This one is a smaller version of the messenger bag. Vertical rectangular bag made of canvas. I think this can be worn during casual days or weekends. Definitely a finalist.

4. The Carry All Bag

Ummm... It's cute, the leather looks good. But I guess this one is more appropriate for Out of Town business meetings, which hardly happens, or maybe never really happens. So this has got to be out of my list.

5. The Tote

I think this one's more of a ladies' documents bag. I find it a little feminine, and it will not suit my hubby's personality. Definitely a no-no.

6. The Newsboy Bag

The last one on the list, I think it's very casual, very schoolboy, but cute... Also applicable during his casual days and weekends...

The Verdict:

Looks like I'm going for the Camera Bag, it's not so big, but can accommodate all his gadgets... Well, I gotta go this coming weekend and look for one...

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ms MS said...

For me, a smaller version of a suitcase or maybe a casual type of suitcase suits his personality. Something like a laptop bag..whatcha think??