The Purse Ladies at Elbert's Steak Room

At last, I can say that I found the best steak in the Philippines...  This is not an exaggerated statement, believe me...  Before, my all time favorite used to be the steak of "House of Wagyu", but now, Elbert's Steak Room has topped my list!  Guilty as charged, we were really starving when we got the bread basket, so nobody bothered to take a picture...  But the bread is TDF!!!  It is obviously freshly baked from the kitchen and it is the softest bread ever!!!  I love the way the butter melts on it as I spread it on top...  Jeez...  I'm so frustrated I couldn't even show you how it looks like...  But you gotta try it, really...

I ordered the Fillet Mignon because:  1-it is the  smallest steak, (I've had enough bread and the Cauliflower soup was a bit heavy so I was afraid I couldn't finish a serving of Angus rib eye, and, 2-It costs P400 pesos (approx.) lower than the Angus Rib Eye.

The steaks are served with soup and salad...  The rib eye set costs around P2,400 to P2,800, and the Fillet Mignon set around P1,800...

Yeah, it's a little bit pricey, but wait 'til you taste it!  You'll see that you got what you paid for...

Those are huge, tender, and juicy USDA certified steaks!!

But let me tell you that NOT ONLY did I enjoy the sumptuous meal at Elbert's...  I loved the interior!  Look how cozy and soshalll the place is:

Hallway (facing the bar) with a huge (Fine) Wine Selection

The Smoking Room
(in love with that leather sofa)

The opposite side of the Smoking Room

Hallway going to the function room (where Ms. KA had dinner with her son and some friends), and take note - she approached the Purse Ladies!!!  Well, actually she knows some of us, and she didn't hesitate to come near us and ask if there's a "Bag Conference" going on! 
What made her say that?  
I think she saw this:
Purse Ladies' Bags of the Night

The Bar 
(where Elbert was standing when he ushered us to the Smoking Room)

We were even complimented with these sinful and yummy Dessert Selection!

(That Panna Cotta right there? Ugh, I died)

 Thanks again to the Steak Room's Maitre d', who was really cooperative and made us stay beyond their operating hours...  Asking too much???  Well Elbert's Steak Room just gave us too many reasons why we have to come back...

We had a perfect night...

The Purse Ladies

Photo Credits:  Dennis Robles

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