The Never Ending Saga of the Neverfull Bag

I just realized that everybody's been going ga-ga over this Neverfull Bag by Louis Vuitton... Actually, about two weeks ago, I posted The Bag Hags, and featured a little something about this bag.

My cousin CWT bought one in Paris and boy, was I shocked to find out how cheap it is in France... My gosh, good thing she bought it there, imagine, the MM is sold here in the Philippines for around US$ 837.00, and she bought hers in Paris for only US$522.00... Wheeeeoowwww!!! Good for you CWT!!!

You really did find a great loot for ya'self!!! Rejoice!!! hahahaha... Next time you go back to Paris I wouldn't have second thoughts of sending you moolah to buy
that kind of loot for me...

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